At RISK TRANSPARENCY, our ERM governance and risk to strategy business intelligence decision support and cross-functional solutions enable identification and management of strategically important asymmetric information.  Asymmetric information (information imbalances) occur in most economic transactions and social interactions due to the different levels of information between two parties. 


RISK TRANSPARENCY and Transparency Analytics™ management consulting services focus on the governance and management of risk data analytics and key asymmetric information for decision support related to:


  • Strategic Planning with Enterprise Risk Management - Improving historical information imbalances among and between strategies and operational functional areas strengthens organizational capabilities for robust collaborative cross-disciplinary solutions.  Small to large entities can benefit from risk based reviews of their strategies and strategy-centered "ERM Lite" to full ERM approaches.

  • Acquisition Due Diligence - Optimized due diligence initiatives require real-time cross-functional team collaboration to identify current and future state scenarios from a high degree of asymmetric information (i.e., seller provided data room and information access).

  • Principal-Agent Dilemma - Most key internal and external stakeholder relationships in entities entail some form of principal-agent relationship.  Culture, trust, and assurance can be improved with increased awareness and transparency.